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Anglia Rolling Road

Written by : Posted on June 30, 2016 : Comments Off on Anglia Rolling Road

This little Anglia has just left us this week after being in for a few jobs and a tuning session on the rolling road. This Anglia was fitted with the 1.6 16v engine from a Toyota which in turn makes this a very fun little car.

Anglia-Rolling-Road Anglia-Rolling-Road

Mini Cooper-S Link ECU Mapping

Written by : Posted on June 25, 2016 : Comments Off on Mini Cooper-S Link ECU Mapping

A few weeks ago we supplied a Link plug & play ECU to a customer with this Mini Cooper-S hill climb car. It was then brought to us for mapping on the rolling road, we are able to supply and map most types of after market stand alone and piggy back ECUs.

Mini-Link-Mapping Mini-Link-Mapping