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Milltek New Release

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Milltek Sport Releases BMW M4 Performance Exhaust System

World-renouned performance exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has released details of its hand-finished stainless steel exhaust system for BMW’s range-topping M4. As the must-have tuner car of the moment, Milltek Sport has taken many weeks and months of focussed R&D time to perfect a system that balances looks, power and a sublime soundtrack in an attractive package.

Having already created several solutions for other recently released M-powered cars, Milltek’s engineers already have enviable experience in getting the best from Munich’s finest power-plants. Therefore, this new system uses the existing and well-proven EC approved cat back technology, but with the added functionality of Milltek’s latest valve technology, utilising OE spec BMW electronic valves in its construction – still controlled via the factory command systems.

In fact, these intelligent new valves have been designed to seamlessly integrate with the car’s central electronics, enabling a more sporty and aggressive tone when either “Sport” or “Sport Plus” modes are selected, but when the vehicle is left in “Comfort” or “Eco Pro” modes, a more subtle and OEM-esque note is produced, making for sophisticated and refined cruising comfort, even at high speed.

Why not make the most of fitting this exhaust system by having the car Superchip remapped. By having the car remapped you can release an extra 90bhp & 105nm of torque for this already impressive machine.

Power graph can been seen by clicking the following link http://www.superchips.co.uk/curves/F80M3F82M4withEPC.pdf

Please enquire for package deals for this vehicle.

Milltek Sport Classic Range

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Milltek Sport Classic

Milltek have recently added a classic range of exhaust systems to their already vast list of vehicles that they provide exhausts for.

The list of classics includes the following cars,

  • Audi Coupe UR Quatro 10v Turbo
  • BMW E36 325i &328i
  • BMW E36 M3 3.0/3.2
  • VW Golf MK1 GTi
  • VW Golf MK2 GTi 8v
  • VW Golf MK2 GTi 16v

Please enquire for prices and availability of systems.

Audi A3 3.2 V6 Milltek Exhaust

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This Audi 3.2 has been in for a new Milltek cat-back exhaust system this week.

Spot the difference,

Before,                                                                                          After,

A3 Milltek     A3 MILLTEK