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Motoscope is now able to supply, fit, balance and fill tyres with Nitrogen.

Nitrogen Filling (N2)

Motoscope have installed the fully-automatic Hoffmann Megaplan NG90. The machine hose is connected up to the tyre valve and the required pressure set. The NG90 automatically purges the tyre of residual air, and then switches to refill with nitrogen to the pressure selected.

Compressed air is fine for filling tyres, but it comes with a number of problems, such as a tendency to ‘weep” out of tyres (via small leaks in the valve, around the rims etc). Also, many air pumps (especially the ones on filling station forecourts) are full of water which is formed when air is compressed and which can cause corrosion to the inside of alloy wheels.

nitrogen_fillingNitrogen (N2) eliminates these problems. Its molecules are larger (meaning fewer leaks), the process used to produce it ensures that no moisture is formed and it reacts less to the heating and cooling effect of hard driving / riding.

We’re convinced that nitrogen is a “must have” on competition cars where accurate, stable tyre pressures are essential and where machines are often stored for weeks – sometime months – at a time. This is why every we recommend that every competition tyre that we fit is N2 filled.

However, for average motoring, nitrogen is probably less important in car tyres. Nevertheless, we’re happy to fill your tyres with N2 on request.

Tyres & Wheels can be ordered on request.

Tyre fitting

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