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There’s no need to run out of MIG welding gas, we supply high quality MIG welding gas for professional welders and amateur, hobby welders in the UK.

We’re able to supply your welding gas demands with our affordable quality MIG welding gas, available in 9L and 20L cylinders. Our 20L trade welding gas cylinders are suited for businesses that use a 20L welding gas cylinder over a 6 month period.

Our 9L welding gas cylinders are ideal for businesses with a lower welding gas usage and for hobby welders and all our weldin g gas cylinders are available in 9L volumes. With our cylinders, there are no restrictions on usage, ensuring hobby welders can use a single cylinder for most purposes.

Our range of specialist welding gas includes MIG welding gas pure Argon, a 5% Argon mix and a 20% Argon mix. We also supply Oxygen gas cylinders for welding, Nitorgen gas cylinders for welding, Helium gas cylinders for welding and Propylene gas for welding. Our Carbon Dioxide welding gas cylinders are available in 3.15kg bottles and 6.35 kg bottles.

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