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Rolling Road North Yorkshire

Written by : Posted on November 9, 2016 : Comments Off on Rolling Road North Yorkshire

Looking forward to welcoming the Ford Owners club on our Rolling Road in North Yorkshire on Saturday for Power runs as last year was a great success.

Aston Martin DB6

Written by : Posted on July 30, 2016 : Comments Off on Aston Martin DB6

This week we had this Aston Martin DB6 with us for setting up on the rolling road. This DB6 has just under gone a full restoration which has been carried out to an amazingly high standard. We are able to tune / set up just about any vehicle, vintage & classics, competition cars, road cars, 4x4s & trikes.

Aston-Martin-DB6-Rolling-Road Aston-Martin-DB6-Rolling-Road

Class 2 Micra Grass Track Car

Written by : Posted on July 30, 2016 : Comments Off on Class 2 Micra Grass Track Car

We have had this Class 2 Nissan Micra grass track car with us on the rolling road to rectify a top end misfire. After going through a few checks & alterations the fault was located and repaired. The rolling road works as a great diagnostic tool as well as being able to provide power & torque figures, it allows us to simulate running conditions with the car remaining in a static position.